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MOBILE BANKING is a service provided to the user for operating their accounts and keeping an eye on all of their transactions and deposits via their mobile phones.

MOBILE BANKING offers various services :

1. Mini statement and checking of account history

2. Alerts on accounts activities

3. Status of checks , stop payment on cheques

4. Access to card statement

5. Monitoring of term deposits

6. Ordering check books

7. Recent transactions

8. Pin provision, change of pin

9. Blocking of cards

10. Balance checking in accounts

11. Domestic and international funds transfer

12. Peer to peer payments


1. First of all you need a GPRS enabled mobile set

2.An online id and password for region online banking

3. To enroll for mobile banking click on the mobile banking tab within region online banking.Then
click on enroll now and follow a few steps.

4. It takes a few minutes for complete registration .

5. After completing those steps you will be given an activation code, Enter that code on the mobile to activate the service .

6. You can access all yours accounts through mobile banking that you view through regions online banking.

When you apply for mobile banking you select the account you wish to monitor:

To add or remove accounts :

1. Log in to regions online banking
2. Click on mobile banking
3. In accounts tab , click modify
4. Select the account you wish top view.

You can also consult your bank executives for activating this service. They will ask you to fill a form a with necessary details. Within a few days your service will be activated.


INTERNET BANKING is a revolutionary service which changed the way accounts were operated earlier.This service permits its customers to perform financial transaction from his banks secure website by their retail or virtual bank or credit union.

This service has many features and applications:

1. EBPP- Electronic bill presentment and payment

2. Transfer of funds from a customers account to other customers account.

3. transactions from net

4. Non transactinals like- online statement , chat , cobrowsing and check links.

5. Loan applications and transaction

6. bank statements

7. Financial institution administration - this feature allows instituion to manage their users online

8. ASP- It allows hosting company to administer the solution across the financial institution.

UNIQUE features of online banking:
1. It gives its user a personal financial management control

2. ACCOUNT AGGREGATION : It permits users to monitor their account in one place.

How to operate your bank account from the internet???

For this you have to follow a few steps and banking will become very approachable for you.
1. First of all ask the manager of the bank for a form so that you can apply for online banking.

2. Fill up the form with all necesarry information.

3. After a few days you will receive a letter by post from your bank giving all the necessary details for you top operate your account online.

4. The letter will be consisting of your login id and a pin number.

5. Open the banks website and fill in the login id and password.

6. Now you can operate your account online.



CORE BANKING is one of the solutions to the INDIAN banking system which dramatically made the banking system more user friendly . Its concept is based on anytime anywhere banking .
Its a milestone in Indian banking system because it allowed the user to access his/her account from other branches also.
Core banking involves depositing and lending money to its retail and small business customers.

Its normal functions include:
  1. Deposit Accounts
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgages payments
Banks offer following helpful services for their customers:
  1. ATMS

The more and more development in the IT industry esp. internet opened new sources for doing business in banking.
These advancements increased efficiency and cut down time.
Core banking solutions is like a stage where the communication technology and information technology has united and fused to comfort the developing banking needs.
Now computer software are used for recording transactions, maintaining passbook data, loans, deposits and all activities related to day to day banking. These software are installed at all different branches of the bank and all branches are interconnected through telephones and internet.
This facility permits the user to operate his/her account from any branch of his bank within his/her reach.
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